Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Room 7 2014

Hello, my name is Hannah . I am excited to be in Room 7 this year.I like Room 7 it is cool. My teacher  is cool at teaching.


  1. Hi Hannah, Mum and Dad here, we are glad you have a cool classroom and teacher!!!!

  2. Hi Hannah
    I hope you do have a wonderful time in room 7!
    From Tegan

  3. Hi Hannah
    I hope you a having a wonderful time in room 7 so far.
    What have you enjoyed so far in room 7?
    I hope you have fun in room 7.
    From Adelei

  4. Hello Hannah. My name is Danielle, from Pulaski in Wisconsin. I hope that you are liking room seven and your teacher. This year I am in room 1109.

  5. What are some things your teacher does that you like? What do you like to do in your classroom?

  6. Hey Hannah! I'm Mikaela and I live in Moscow Russia and am in 8th grade. What's your favorite subject that your teacher teaches you?

  7. My one question for you is why are you so exited about being in room 7 this year.

  8. Hi Hannah!
    You're in the coolest room! Room 7 was my old room at Hukanui. The number 7 rules! I hope you're having a fun time in your classroom and are learning lots of exciting things. I know you're going to be super awesome for your teacher because you're always super awesome!