Sunday, March 30, 2014

The gondola

The first picture is in the gondola. When mum and      
dad said"it's ok you won't fall. It has been here since i was  born and  no one has fell out! Then when i was in the gondola i felt a little  bit scaered because i am a little bit scared of heights. At the top their was a jelly belly shop (a jelly been shop). when i went in the jellybean shop I got to choose 20 small lollie bags filled with different flavoured jelly beans. 3 of the flavours I got was bubblegum, toasted marshmellow & mango. For 20 lollie bags it is $14.
We went to the top of the bridge and we saw people on the luge and it looked scary so we went back down the gondola.

The second picture is me and dad on the bridge where we saw the peple on the luge racing down.

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