Wednesday, July 30, 2014


One day on the 8th of June I went to Rarotonga. I nearly brang the drink raro to rarotonga! I went in to the freezing pool that reminded me about something! One day in the freezing pool, a little boy said"Mum look I'm in the ocean mum, look!" Every day I walked down to the cafe and had some breakfast! The hotel I stayed in was Edge water! My hotel number was 204! I went with my poppa!


  1. What a cool idea sharing some of your Rarotongan memories on your blog! We enjoyed reading your story. Mum & Dad. :)

  2. To Hannah
    What was your favorite part?
    It sounds like fun.Was it sunny?
    From Tegan

  3. Hannah, it sounds like you had a fun time in Raro. I really like the way you use speech marks and exclamation marks in your writing. I wonder what amazing trip you will go on next? From Poppa

  4. Hannah,
    It sounds as though you had such a lovely time in Rarotonga with your Poppa. I wish I could have flown on the big plane with you. You are very lucky to go on holiday with your Poppa. Did you miss your mummy and daddy?
    Aunty Jan Fab